Having long to-do lists, being organized, listing down every single piece of work that has to be done, assigning time to things, giving yourself deadlines and basically trying to do every single task in one shot. Can you relate to this? If yes, high five! Because I too have been one of these scurry people for all of these 21 years of my life.

But it’s not been long since I realized how wrong I was. I had always had this idea in my head that I am pretty organized and can easily squeeze in a bit of other things also if they come up during the day. But guess what? I was a mess. A total mess! (Though I am a mess now too, but a little less mess, I would say).

“Work smart and not hard.” 

I read this adage somewhere a few years back and now with each passing day I feel how true and effective this is.

Believe me or not, if I had to go to the market to get myself a notebook, I would write that too in my to-do list. What would this do?

Give me a sense of accomplishment after I had bought the notebook?

Not at all. I would rather feel burdened and panic until I had got it.

If this happens with you too, welcome to the squad!

So, coming to the thing, I am still trying to learn how I can stop wasting time and try to do more things in less time. I am not a pro, of course. But I thought why not share those little things with you guys that I have learnt and tried to incorporate in my daily life to avoid the mess that I generally create inside my head.

Give your day an early start: No matter how much scolding you get for waking up late in the morning, I know it is really hard to get up from the best hours of sleep. But believe me, this is addictive. My father has always had this itch of pushing me and my brother out of the bed early in the morning. I lost this habit when I went to hostel. And I literally realized what difference it made by getting up late and getting up early. Giving an early start to the day basically adds more productive hours to your day. And this is the whole point of this post, right?

Make short lists: Make lists. Definitely make lists. But small lists! Do not put all eggs in one basket. Try to segregate the things according to the urgent-important chart. Do the things that are urgent and important first, and not urgent and important second. And in case you’d been looking for some to-do lists to sort your life, click here to grab one by our brand- The_Stationery_Station.

Delegate: Once you put something on your to-do list, the chances of delegating it to someone else kind of get lowered. You continuously have this weird knocking happening in your head that tells you that you still have a lot pending to do. So what? Should we not make to-do lists?

Well, I never said so. Rather, I feel that the idea of writing things down is so beautiful and definitely makes you more productive. My point here is just that instead of making long lists and trying to do all things by yourself, try to delegate them. But delegate only the non-important things and that too to the people you can trust.

Avoid social media: As they say, “Excess of everything is bad” and excess of social media is worse, until and unless you are an influencer. You open Instagram once and then you scroll for hours. Rather, try to avoid social media as much as you can.

Try to multi-task: By multi-tasking I do not try to persuade you to sail in two boats but all that I want to convey is that try to match two things- one that requires concentration and one that does not. Like, listening to audio books while folding clothes or making important calls while doing the regular cleaning job. This way, you will be able to kill two birds with one stone i.e. you will be able to do two things in the time of one.

Ditch procrastination: You want to do something? Do it now. That is what I am trying to apply on myself daily. I am one of the biggest procrastinators. Always putting things on tomorrow. The urgent-important chart has helped me a lot in resolving this. But as I said, I am still learning. I still have a long way to go. But it’s a journey and we all will cover it one day, for sure.


Web is filled with millions of things that you can do to save your time and be more productive. These are just the few little habits that I am trying to develop. Writing a blog was a part of my to-do list today. And I decided that there would not be a better topic than the thing that I am trying to learn these days.

I hope I was able to help you a bit!

If you feel there is something else that can help me and many others like me who waste time first and then waste more time regretting for the time wasted earlier, do share that in the comments section below.

Until next time, have fun, tata!

Also, Merry Christmas! 🎄 🎅🏻

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