While growing up, I have realized how important it is to focus on settling things inside you. Because, once the things in your head and your heart are sorted, things outside automatically start falling into place. 

But, hey, in this age of hassle and hustle, it is quite normal to experience stress.  And surprisingly, stress doesn’t come with any age bars. It’s not been long when I saw my little cousin running after his mother to help him with his drawing homework. He was so stressed that he could not even eat properly. And so, I decided that I’d be writing a blog on it to help me and every other person out there who gets stressed over every minor issue and then stresses over getting stressed for such silly things. You feel me, right?

So, what can we do to deal with it? Not get stressed, perhaps. But how?

For over 2 months, I tried to incorporate a few practices in my daily routine and have found that they have actually helped me in relieving stress. So, I’d be sharing those with you today in this blog.

But before we begin with that, there are a few things that I wantto talk about.

First of all, Accept that you are facing stress. It is said that the greatest wars are won by the mental strength and not the physical strength. And hence, it is really important to accept your condition and prepare your mind to deal with it.

After this, sit back and try to identify what is causing you stress. Is it your academics that’s troubling you, or is it your boss’ pressure to get the reports ready really fast, or is it some competition that you have been preparing from long and now that it is just around the corner, you feel stressed and nervous about it? Whatever it is, identify the cause, identify the roots and once you have done this, 50% of your problem is solved.

Now, try to conclude if it is actually an issue or not. What happens sometimes is that you create a fuss of a minor thing in your heads and start feeling jittery about it all the time. And just when you realize that it is nothing in real but just an illusion created by your own brain, most of your issues will be resolved there and then only.

And if still you have some things in your brain that needconsideration, then take a pen and a paper and start writing what can you do to resolve that. You will automatically see the doors opening for you.

But but but, even after all this, things continue to trouble you,you can go ahead and try one or all of the below-mentioned self care tips. I can bet you will start feeling a lot better about yourself once you incorporate these in your routine.

So, let’s see what these tips are: 

 Find time for yourself: While running after the materialistic things, we generally tend to forget the importance of internal peace. I have billions of times talked about meditation in my other videos and blogs. But other than meditation, the biggest stress buster can be to find time to pursue your passion or find time for yourself. Dance, sing, and do everything else that makes you happy. If you like writing, pick up your pen and paper and start giving words to your thoughts. And if none of these works for you, the least you can do is go for a short walk in the morning or evening.
 Eat Right: Your eating habits get unbalanced when your brain is not at peace. So, it is very imperative to make sure that you eat well which means that you do not under eat or over eat at any times of the day. Ensure that your meal has an accurate balance of vitamins, carbs and fats. Avoid eating out very frequently and I don’t think that I especially need to mention about the maledictions that junk brings along.
 Relax: Nothing can work as good as relaxing in fighting against stress. If you like reading, pick up your favorite book or else, you can watch movies or sit around with your family and have a fun chit chat session. Do something that brings you back to the work mode but this time with tons of motivation. I, personally, like to make for myself a cup of green tea and sit at a place that is away from any sort of noise. This is how I relax my body, mind and soul.
 Make a grateful to/for list: Yes, this is a little tedious but it will make you feel really good once you begin with it. Make a list of things that you feel are going great in your life. You can also write the names of people who have been backing you throughout your entire journey. And believe me guys, you will feel so delighted and pleased from your inside and when you will compare it with other things that you feel are not going great in your life, you will realize that your serendipity overpowers your adversities way more than you could have ever imagined.
 Phone a friend: Got the KBC feels? I also imagined myself at the hotseat for a second when I got the idea of adding it to the list.

For killing stress, you can call someone who you trust, plan a vacation with them or just go out in your locality and spend some time with your loved ones. Try to pour your heart out. Tell your friend everything that is troubling you because sometimes, even you don’t know how you can be helped. 

 Try to live in present: I read this line somewhere and it just got stuck into my mind. It was “Detach yourself from the results and trust the process”.  What stresses us the most? Our goals, things that we want to pursue or our pursuing but are not getting the desired results, right? I also get stress and the major reason is this only. I feel scared and get questions like “what if I am not able to make it?” but then I remind myself that I need to trust myself and believe that I am capable of doing this particular thing. So, I try to enjoy every step of this process because future is uncertain and there’s no surety of what will happen next. But I can at least have fun of what is happening today.

I am sure your efforts will, definitely bear fruit but you need to have patience.

These are a few tips that I followed and still follow to cope up with stress. I also make sure that I read very often and also maintain a notebook and prepare a to-do list for everyday. This last thing that I mentioned about to-do lists has done wonders for me and I am sure this will be equally magical for you 

too. Let me know in the comments section below if you want me to write a separate blog on how I prepare for my day. I will surely write if you guys are interested in knowing. I have also made a video on this very topic. Click here to watch it.

Also, let me know if this article was of any help to you. If you already practice any of the above-mentioned activities, please write your feedback below because it will surely help other readers who happen to land on this page.

Until next time, have fun!

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