I feel, the importance of having a productive morning to make your entire day productive does not need an explanation. It goes without saying that a day started with zeal and zest gives better outcomes than otherwise.

Here, I have listed 5 very common and easy practices that can give an energetic and productive start to your day.  I am sure that the points that I have mentioned below will not be new to you but, let’s be true to ourselves, even after knowing all the tips and tricks, we do not comply by those. This article is just a reminder to you all to fuel the engines of your body and gear up.

Let’s begin!

  • Plan your day in advance: I cannot emphasis much on how significant this one step is. Just when you have your to-do list and your motives on your mind, your steps automatically start moving in the right direction. I suggest to maintain a separate notebook for writing down all the tasks that you need to do date wise so that you can track how far you have come after a month or so.

Also, here’s a tip: It’s scientifically proven that you start your day with the same thoughts that you sleep with. Like, if you sleep thinking about your ex at night, you will wake up with his/her thoughts. So, it is always better to sleep with good and positive thoughts so that you can give your day an optimistic start.


  • Workout: In a day filled with hassle and hustle, it is very important to have an active and healthy body. Exercise: one solution to thousands of problems. Even a simple walk of 20-30 minutes every morning is more than enough to keep your body in working. Also, it is very important to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. Start your day by drinking at least 2 glasses of water as soon as you wake up. It will keep you from feeling drowsy during work.


  • Stay away from social media: Today, 90% of our lives revolve around technology, especially our mobile phones. Although, it has scores of pros but it is also not free of cons. The more these appliances are getting into our lives, the bigger is getting the urge to fiddle with them constantly. Social media, is my point here. Try to not check your phone right after you open your eyes in the morning. I, personally, have been trying to imply this from past 3 months and trust me, it does make a difference. We do not even realize how much time we spend unproductively on social media in a day. Instagram and other social media sites have a feature of counting the number of hours you spend on these apps in a day. When I started keeping a track of this, I was amused to know that I had been spending between 4 to 5 hours everyday just scrolling through my instagram feed and that was insane. Now, that I have been working on reducing this time, I can proudly say that I have brought it down to 30-40 minutes per day.

If possible, invest your time into reading some quality books instead of spending it on social media.


  • Meditate: This is not the first time that I am talking about this miraculous activity. I have made a mention of this in one of my previous blogs also. This one tool not only increases your ability to concentrate but also has the power of keeping your brain in place and at peace.


  • Take action: Everyone today wants to be successful but the difference between wanting something and actually being able to get it is exactly the same as that between thinkers and doers. Thinkers might have better ideas or plans but the winners are always the doers. And to get into the ‘DOERS’ category, you need to ‘TAKE ACTION’. Thinking and planning is important but acting on your plans is pivotal. Give your day a boost by doing every small task, starting from making your bed will give your brain an intent of productiveness for the entire day.


But hey, we are not done yet. Along with all the 5 tips mentioned above, I want to share something from one of the bestselling books of HalElrod- The Miracle Morning. In this book, he has talked about the 6 very simple steps one should take every morning to give his/her morning a miraculous start. He uses the acronym SAVERS to explain his point.

S- Silence: Talks about the power of meditation

A- Affirmations: Tell yourself daily that you are going to win

V- Visualization: Imagine yourself winning

E- Exercise: Charging your body physically

R- Reading: Bringing positivity into life

S- Scribing: Penning down your plans, thoughts and ideas for the day

Each and every letter of the acronym SAVERS is self explanatory and depicts its significance unannounced. HalElrod has very well said, “If you win your morning, you win your entire day.” And, this statement needs no explanation.

And I also have a good news for you all. I, very recently, started my own Youtube channel and have posted my first video related to this subject only. Click here to watch the video. And I would also like to get your feedback on it.

Share with us in the comments section below how did you like this blog. Also, let us know the effect of these activities on your lives if you have been doing them already.

Until next time, tata!